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by Diane Uhley

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The New York Times Article on the Importance of Quality Real Estate Photography
by Diane Uhley

This article appeared in an edition of The New York Times in June. This is a good example of what quality photography can do for the sellers and agents. It is a good read for anyone interested in selling a home.

Click here to read the full article.

The New York Times Real Estate Photography Article

Jacksonville Photo Client Testimonial
by Diane Uhley

Received another Jacksonville Photo client testimonial today on the importance of professional real estate photography. Josh Nugent with Prudential Network Realty had the following to say:


Just wanted to tell you how important I think professional photos and especially your photos are. This week I got a new listing and had a buyer drive up from Tampa because of your photos. I have you do my pics for every listing, it puts out a very professional image and gives me such an edge on agents that take them on their own. ~Josh Nugent, Prudential Network Realty


First Free Jacksonville Photo Print or Desktop Wallpaper
by Diane Uhley

I thought I'd start out by offering one of my favorite shots. It is one of my top sellers on the highly rated national stock photo sites. I took this shot of the intracoastal waterway just before the sun hit the horizon during late July in Mayport. The seagulls and the fishermen were kind enough to pose just perfectly for me. I hope you all enjoy the photo. As a reminder, these photos are intended for personal use only.

Click here to download high resolution version.

Click for High Resolution Version
First Jacksonville Photo Blog Entry
by Diane Uhley

My name is Diane Uhley. I am the owner and operater of Jacksonville Photo, Inc. I wanted to start this blog to discuss the importance of professional photography. When people ask me what type of photography I shoot I usually tell them, "people, places, and things". I have been shooting people, places, and things for over 20 years. I have shot thousands of homes for Real Estate Listings and I don't even want to begin to think about how many hours I've spent editing! Before starting Jacksonville Photo I worked for a number of newspapers including Florida-Times Union in Jacksonville. Earlier in my career, I worked and trained with high profile photographers in Los Angeles and Boston. Many of my photos have been published in books and magazine including a book I photographed with Jane Tanner in 1994 called Jacksonville: Center for Enterprise Excellence on Florida's First Coast. The book is still available for purchase on Amazon if you are interested.

The main purpose of this site is to make available some of the photos I've taken over the years to my clients, friends, and family. I will be posting a free high resolution print once a month that can be printed for personal use or used as a desktop background. So check back often and see what is new at
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